High School & College Graduation



Graduation Portraits

Graduating high school or college is a milestone you will always treasure. The best way to look back at those special moments is with photography that truly captures everything that makes you so unique. Senior photos from Kim Jew are your chance to show the world what makes you stand out. This is your moment! Let yourself shine!

Our Sessions are Fun!

The best way to capture your unique personality is to have fun during your photo session. A session with our photographers is more “fashion shoot” and less “high school mug shot.” Our photographers will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. We encourage you to bring something important to you that we can use as a prop, something that helps tell your unique story. It can be anything: a musical instrument, your athletic gear, or a hobby. You can also bring a friend, a sibling or a pet to be in the photo with you to help show off your personality. Many of us truly shine when we are with people we love. We even encourage you to bring your favorite music to play during your session to help you get in the right mood!

How to Prepare

In the days leading up to your session, you’ll need to think about what you feel truly captures your unique personality. What message do you want to convey about yourself? Get together your props and plan your outfits. It’s a good idea to plan at least three to four complete looks with at least one formal and one casual look.

Think about your entire look from head to toe, including accessories. Bring bright scarves, sunglasses or hats. Wear dark or bright solid colors. Dress in layers to easily switch up your look. Females should do their hair and makeup as if they’re attending a formal event. Males should bring a black long sleeve shirt or turtleneck. Bring all of the looks with you so our photographers can help you choose which ones will look the best in a photo while showcasing your individuality.

Your high school or college graduation portrait session is all about capturing what makes you unique, so bring anything you want to help tell your story!

Unique Highschool Portrait
Modern Portrait Ballerina Against Glass Wall
Striking Mime Pose
Colorful Portrait of Woman
Portrait Prone Woman
Woman before Gate
Woman in Sand Bank
Woman in Red Top
Striking Woman in Ripped Jeans
Stand-out Graduation Picture
Girl with Ripped Jeans
Runner Holding Shoes
Graduation Portrait under Tree Canopy
oung Man with Class Ring
Woman before Waterfall
Woman with Lollipop
Miss Indian Pageant Winner
Intrigued Woman
Woman Blowing Glitter
Woman on Porch
Stand-out Studio Portrait
Stand-out Glamour Portrait
Women with Chihuahua
Outdoor Family Portrait
Woman Leaning Against Green Door
Young Man with Crossed Arms
Woman Laying Sideways
Woman Laying Down
Artist with Drawings
Woman with Diamond Bracelet
Black and White Trumpet Player
Photographer Holding Camera
Studio Graduation Black and White
Player Holding Football

Senior photos from Kim Jew are your chance to show the world what makes you stand out.

Senior Portrait
Highschool SeniorPortrait
Sports and Athletic Portraits
Outdoor Portrait on Grass
Portrait Football Player
Senior Portrait Layup Timelapse
Portrait Saxophone Player
Woman on Truck Step
Portrait in Plaza
Portrait in Native Dress
Portrait Woman in Red Top
Woman Crouching in Road
Woman on Dirt Pathway
Soccer Player Leaning Against Tree
Soccor Player Graduation Portrait
Woman before Newspaper Clippings
Portrait Skating in Alley
Runner with Medals
Lady in Classic Car Applying Lipstick
Driver with Racecars
Albuquerque Photographer Kim Jew Striking Environmental Portrait Highschool College Graduation Woman on Doorsteps
Woman on Bear Skin
Woman Leaning Against Fountain
Woman at Edge of Puddle
Stand-out Environmental Portrait
Woman Lying on Log
Beautiful Glamour Portrait
Hair-Blown Woman
Woman in Red Dress
Young Man with Goatee
Man Wearing Swimming Cap