Pregnant Couple

Family Portraits

Everyone has a story to tell, and every story has a different beginning, middle and end. Family portraits help tell your story. They are a beautiful way for future generations to look back and see where they came from and how their family is connected. Imagine your great grandchildren knowing they have their great-grandfather’s smile. Family portraitspreserve your family history and heritage; they are timeless images that keep memories alive long past your lifetime.

Families Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Each family is special and deserves to be forever captured in a beautiful photograph. At Kim Jew, our photographers have an artistic eye that allows them to highlight the personality of each family member. From the youngest child to the oldest grandparent, each will shine in your unique family photo. We even encourage you to bring any ideas you have to make your family stand out! We love to work with you to find the most natural poses to help tell your family’s story for years to come.

No Family Is Too Big, Too Small or Too Furry For Us!

Whether it’s a couple capturing the first precious family moments with a newborn or an extended family photo with 50 people, our studios are perfect for families of any size.
For newborn photo shoots, our photographers create a comfortable, warm atmosphere for baby and family to bond. They know how to bring out beautiful moments that will always remind you of that treasured time.
Our studios are also well-suited for larger family groups. Our photographers work with lighting and shadow to highlight each individual personality and ensure each family member is captured looking his or her best. No one is buried in the crowd!
We don’t forget your four-legged family members, either! We can take family photos with pets. Our professional photographers know how to grab their attention and capture their adorable personalities, even with the most fickle four-legged customers!

Couple's Portrait at Zoo
Heartwarming Family Photo
Infant Feet
Creative Perspective Family Portrait
Family Portrait on the Lawn
Family Portrait with Pets and Kids
Couple's Black Top Portrait
Joyous Family Portrait
Playful Family Portrait
Extended Family Portrait on Lawn
Skewed Perspective Group Portrait
Firefighter Father Son Patriotic Portrait
Classic Studio Family Portraits
Father and Son
Unique Couple's Portrait
HDR Surreal Family Portrait
Unique Handstand Family Portrait
Formal Attire Family Portrait
Family All Stars Portrait
Cliffdweller Digital Staff Business Portrait
2010 Miss NM USA Contestants
Fireman Themed Family Portrait
family Portrait Horse Wranglers
Prom Group Portrait
Crawling Family Portrait
Excited Family Portrait
Sharp Family Portrait
Assistance League Banner
Large Group Studio Portrait
Extended Family Portrait
Family Portrait in Denim
Class Portrait in Uniform
Group Portrait MCT Industries
Pregnant Couple at River Side
Family Photo Walking Down the Street
Autumn Family Portrait
Classic Studio Family Photo

Family portraits preserve your family history and heritage; they are timeless images that keep memories alive long past your lifetime.

Family Photo with Pet Dogs
Family Portrait on the Porch
Stand Out Family Portrait
Eyewitness News 4 KOB Newscasters
Stately Family Photo
Surreal Family and Pets Portrait
Outdoor Portrait Traditional Native Garb
Family Portrait Against Sandia Mountains
Couple's Character Portrait
Outdoor Family Portrait on Porch
Glass Raising Extended Family Portrait
Freeze Frame Family Portrait
Couple's Portrait against Mountain's
Red and Black Theme Portrait
Sharp Family Portrait
Close up Family Portrait
Family Portrait with Practical Props
Outdoor Family Portrait
Sweet Family Portrait
Family Portrait in Black Tops
Classic Family Studio Portrait
Family Portrait on the Porch
Hat and Wink Family Portrait
Native Dress Family Studio Portrait
Family Portrait in Police Uniforms
Middle of the Road Outdoor Family Portrait
Playful Sibling Studio Portrait
Sports Family Athletic Portrait
Couples Portrait Lobos Fans
Blue-Themed Family Portrait
Hardwood Floor Family Portrait
Extend Family Portrait on Porch
Flying Martial Arts Family
Levitating Family Portrait