Senior Portraits Poses

senior_portraits_belen Senior Portraits Poses

Your portrait day is approaching and you are no doubt scouring the Internet looking for ideas for your senior portraits poses. Look no further! At Kim Jew Photography, award-winning senior portrait photographer Kim Jew will utilize his knack for taking beautiful, unique portraits and provide you with a photo experience that will give you that “wow factor” that you are looking for.

Theme. Mood. Personality.

After you book a session by contacting us at Kim Jew Photography, consider what sort of mood you want to create with your senior portrait poses. Sultry? Funky? Sweet? While Kim Jew will work with you to create the ultimate portrait to match your unique personality, knowing what impression you want to make will help him guide you through your photo session to achieve the portraits of your dreams. Here are a few ideas for senior portraits poses to get you started on pinning down a mood in preparation for your portraits:


  • You in front of a stormy Albuquerque desert landscape accessorized by a modern cowboy hat and chunky jewelry.
  • A complimentary color scheme; you blowing bubbles into the camera.
  • You in a ball gown under a crystal chandelier, decked out in faux (or real) diamonds, pearls, and bright red lipstick.
  • A casual senior portrait photography pose of you in worn jeans, wearing a black tank-top in front of a bright background.
  • A black and white photograph of you clutching a bouquet of lilies blooming in full color.

And Gentlemen

  • An action shot of you throwing a football.
  • An old-movie style/film noir black and white shot.
  • You playing your electric guitar.
  • An artistic, black and white composite photograph showing you from different angles.
  • You in your cap and gown.
  • A mid-air shot of you on your snowboard.
  • An avant-garde black and white photograph of you in a cemetery in a tuxedo.
Some of the best ideas for senior portrait poses come from you! Let your creativity reign and imagine the impossible! Kim Jew Photography can make it possible.

Fashion. Style. Vibe.

Your clothing is one of the best ways to express who you are in a photo and can be used to create whatever look you want. Before donning the latest Ugg® Sheepskin boots, Coach handbag, or Ed Hardy specialty tee, consider that these looks—while hot today—may be gone tomorrow. Sometimes a classic look has the staying power to age with you. But whatever your clothing choice, at Kim Jew Photography, we believe you should wear whatever makes you feel as if you are expressing the best you. The real you.

Location, Location, Location!

Often an interesting location will inspire a unique and breathtaking portrait. Take advantage of Albuquerque’s natural beauty by staging a shoot outdoors in the Bosque, or use the sunset on the Sandias as a backdrop. Think outside the box: your ideal photo setting can be an off-the-beaten-path, hole-in-the-wall locale. Sometimes the simplest backdrops create the most beautiful portraits. While there are a lot of choices from which to create beautiful senior portrait poses, Kim Jew will guide you through the process of revealing your true self. Contact us today and begin making your lasting impression!

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