Fine Art & Landscapes


Sand Ravine
Black and White Aspen Forest
Rock Formation Valley
Sunset over Painted Landscape

We’re More Than Portraits

While we do beautiful portrait photography here at Kim Jew Photography, we also offer a wonderful selection of fine art photography prints and provide professional commercial photography for your business.

Fine Art Photography

Kim Jew Photography has an extensive collection of fine art photography that would make an incredible addition to your home or office. Kim Jew photographs nature the way it’s intended to be viewed: with breathtaking vistas that make you stop and stare. His images showcase his vision of the world, one of beauty, passion, style and grace.Whether it is the rich reds and browns of the desert, a tropical jungle accented by a refreshing sparkling waterfall, a softly lit view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset or a black and white photograph of rustic landscapes with stormy skies, Kim Jew’s fine art photographs add interest and beauty to any office setting, business conference room or residential foyer.

Commercial Photography

We know the face of your business is everything when it comes to winning clients, securing funding and impressing shareholders. Kim Jew has extensive experience working in the field of advertising and commercial photography. He has trained our advertising and commercial photographers in capturing jaw-dropping images for use in company logos, marketing brochures, newsletters, websites and advertising campaigns. We will provide you with marketable professional photography that will enhance your company’s appeal.
Our commercial photographers capture stunning magazine photography, product photography and modeling photography. Our photographs can be used in print media, online advertising campaigns or to create professional portfolios.

Classic Portrait Native American
Gold Crested Canyon
Bird Silhouttes at Sunset
Street Portrait Asian Child
Wide-angle Portrait Child
Monk Black and White
Portrait of Man Wearing Bamboo Hat
Closeup Portrait of Elderly Man Against River
Environmental Portrait Chinese Tradesman
Ladder Against Adobe Wall
Product Photography Gold Jewelry
Cosplay Steampunk Portrait
Photojournalism Mass Ascension
Hot Air Balloon Underside
Geometric Hot Air Balloons
Sky Full of Balloons
Serene Waterscape
Ocean View from Resort
Fine Art Landscape
Camel Against Great Wall of China
Weathered Image of Adobe Pueblo
Large Adobe Pueblo Against Cloudy Skies
Sepia Colored Mountain Range
Southwest Tipi
For the Love of Music Cover
Modern Ruins
Antique Trumpet
Broken Windows at Trainstation
Arial Mass Ascension
Nightime Balloon Glow and Ascension
Spaceneedle Against Seattle Cityscape
Silhouette Against Sunset
Horses Grazing
Astrophotography Blood Moon
Arial Panorama Cityscape
Bien Mur Indian Market Center
Wide Panorama Cityscape at Sunset
Memorial Day Flays
Red Rock at Sunset
Fine Art Nature Canyon River
Portrait Native Outfit Sunset
Portrait Sunset Red Rock

While we do beautiful portrait photography here at Kim Jew Photography, we also offer a wonderful selection of fine art photography prints and provide professional commercial photography for your business.

Portrait Native American Feather Headdress
Classic Portrait Native Outfit
Landscape Red Rock
Full Moon
Natural Lighting Forest Sunrays
HDR Forest Stream
Sandia Mountains Sunset
Snowy Mountains Cloud Phenomenon
Horses at Sunset
Landscape Rocky Shore
Landscape Canyon
Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino
Sun Setting on El Cabezon, NM
Moon Peering at Sun Setting over Beach
Waves Against Scattered Crags of the Shore at Sunrise
Waves Against the Crags of the Beach at Sunrise
Cranes Trotting
Abandoned Adobe Buildings
Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Reserve New Mexico
Silhouettes Visiting Beach at Sunset
Flowing Waterfalls
Panoramic Landscape Across Farmland
Fog Layered Mountainscape
Ocean Waterscape
Landscape of Tropical Island
Arial Photography Asian Grove
Chinese Apartment Facades
Sepia Time Piece Knolling
Large Adobe Pueblo
Urban Abandonment Farming Structures
Black and White Adobe Structure
New Mexico Jewelry Product Portrai
Native American Culture Team Portrait
VLA perspective
Arial Mass Ascension Across City
Albuquerque Baloon Fiesta Mass Ascension
Balloons against Arial Landscape
Zoom Blur Bridge
Arial Snowcapped Mountain
Path of Palms
Ocean Sunset
Modern Industrial Ruins
Cloudscape Aloft with Balloons