The Kim Jew Manifesto in Action: Everyone Has a Story to Tell

At Kim Jew Studio, we adhere to a philosophy of photography that we like to call our manifesto. Everything we do is measured against our manifesto:   We believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful, That everybody is a somebody, That everyone counts, That everyone has a story to tell. We believe in ‘we’ and in ‘family.’ We believe in the infinite power of love,   That work should be a place of realized potential and that we can make everyday a masterpiece. Not too long ago, Isiah Yazzi, a senior at Rehoboth Christian in Gallup, came to us for a simple session. He really only needed a yearbook image—but we knew that capturing this moment would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him and, after learning more about Isiah, advised him to bring his rock climbing gear with him. We didn’t just want to take Isiah’s picture, we wanted to tell his story. When Isiah arrived at the studio, we had a great time! Despite the limitations of the shoot being restricted to our studio, we were able to produce some great shots that Isiah loved.
Kim Jew Manifesto

Senior Isiah Yazzi from Rehoboth Christian in Gallup.


Kim Jew Manifesto

Kim Jew Manifesto

Senior pictures that tell stories.

  So, how’d we get such great results? We photographed Isiah in the studio with his gear. We took pictures of him using his gear, and later added the mountains with Photoshop to make the story complete. Some people may think that we went above and beyond the call of duty here. But that’s just the way we do things at Kim Jew Studio. It’s all part of our commitment to bringing stories to life and making everyday a masterpiece.

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