The Pros and Cons of Instagram

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We’ve seen it everywhere. The pictures of interesting looking food. The views from the inside of an airplane. Instagram, the app that allows you to take and easily share photos with your friends, has taken over our Facebook news feed. So, is this trend good or bad for the world of photography?

Instagram: The Good and the Bad

Believe it or not, we think that Instagram may have some positive things to offer the photography community. Because of Instagram, a lot of people are showing a renewed interest in the art of photography. People are trying new techniques and adding dynamic views to otherwise ordinary photos. The best part of Instagram is that the app shows parts of everyday life that can give us insights into our own society. That being said, Instagram has upset some parts of the photography community. Instagram allows every type of photo to be posted, even the ones that are tasteless or poorly composed. Not everyone who creates an Instagram profile is a professional photographer, even though they may state that they are. Instagram is a fun way to share and interact with your followers, just like Facebook or Twitter. It cannot, however, replace the quality of a professional photography session.

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